We believe that by working together, forest landowners have a far greater impact than each could have alone.

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Cold Hollow To Canada's Woodlots Program has been going strong since 2013. We think the program has been an overwhelming success, and after sharing our story with conservation groups, municipal entities, and land use planning organizations, many have contacted us to ask, “How do you do it?” 

Through this Toolkit, we share our program design and resources, thanks to funding from the High Meadows Fund and a Vermont Watershed Grant. Your own goals and landscape context may be different from ours. Please adapt the program as you see fit, learning from our successes and our stumbling blocks while making the program your own.


About Woodlots

Learn about the Cold Hollow To Canada Woodlots Program. This model emphasizes peer engagement of forest landowners, coupled with technical assistance and and funding opportunities.

Getting Started

Want to start your own Woodlots-style program? This section provides guidance on whether this program is a good match for your goals and group, along with a step-by-step guide to get you up and running.

Running a Program

Once a program has begun, the fun really starts! This section covers the mechanics of program administration, funding and expenses, and program evaluation.

Connect With Us

Still Have Questions? Follow this link to learn more about Cold Hollow to Canada, find our contact information, or learn about the making of this Toolkit!