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Funding for Land Stewardship

Making Stewardship Affordable

Whenever possible, CHC helps landowners find ways to fund their stewardship projects, by connecting them with funding assistance programs or applying for grants to help with costs. We can further assist  by bundling implementation projects together. For example, if large equipment can be used on two neighboring properties at once, it can reduce associated costs for each property’s owner. For some projects–such as tree-planting events–we may be able to recruit volunteers to help at several properties in a single weekend, or to order trees for several landowners together so that they can get bulk prices.

Partners often like to work with Woodlots Landowners, because they know their assistance won’t be a one-off deal. They’re aware that CHC will follow up, continuing to assist a landowner who has concerns, questions, or additional needs. They know that their projects will often be showcased for other landowners, so that their assistance will have a greater reach.  This has helped our landowners out financially more than once in the past, as partners have applied for grants specifically for Woodlots landowners, waived fees, or brought projects unavailable elsewhere to the CHC region.