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Technical Assistance

Learning and Implementing Stewardship

Technical assistance is baked into the Woodlots Program in numerous ways. Four times each year, members gather to learn about a topic of interest, on the land of one of the members. The host receives a tour of their own land by a professional. Guests learn not only from that professional but also from each hosting landowner who showcases a real-world example of forest management goals, strategies, and actions. Because CHC board members and staff are also knowledgeable in forestry and natural history, they can follow up with individual landowners, over time becoming familiar with the goals and management plans of each, which then enables them to tailor new information to each Woodlots member.  Finally, Cold Hollow to Canada is set up as a Regional Conservation Partnership that works with numerous partner organizations and agencies throughout the local area, state, and larger region.  When the resources of these partners can assist Woodlots members, CHC brings them in.