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Is This Program For You?

The Woodlots Program identifies landowners in ecologically important areas and provides them with peer engagement, technical assistance, and funding opportunities.

What are you hoping to achieve? Will this program get you closer to your goals?


  1. To promote forest stewardship in the Cold Hollow to Canada region that protects and enhances forest resilience, climate resilience, and wildlife connectivity.
  2. To increase the rate of land conservation in the Cold Hollow to Canada region.
  3. Empowerment of landowners with the knowledge, tools, and funding necessary to achieve forest management objectives.
  4. Enhance the affordability of woodland ownership. 

If you have similar goals, there are two aspects of your region we suggest considering thoroughly:  The PLACE, and the PEOPLE.

Once you have identified these, we provide a step by step guide to setting up a Woodlots Program.